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Lung function profiles and aerobic capacity of adult cigarette and hookah smokers after 12 weeks intermittent training Abdessalem Koubaa, Moez Triki, Hajer Trabelsi, Liwa Masmoudi, Khaled N. Zeghal, Zouhair Sahnoun, Ahmed Hakim
Effect of active warm-up duration on morning short-term maximal performance during Ramadan Hana Baklouti, Hamdi Chtourou, Asma Aloui, Anis Chaouachi, Nizar Souissi
Impact of the 2011 Libyan conflict on road traffic injuries in Benghazi, Libya Zuhir Bodalal, Riyad Bendardaf, Mohammed Ambarek, Nico Nagelkerke
Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis in an 11-year-old girl with ataxia telangectasia - case report Safa S. Elfaituri, Idris Matoug, Hanan Elsalheen, Yousif Belrasali, Fatma Emaetig
Multidrug resistance and extended-spectrum β-lactamases genes among Escherichia coli from patients with urinary tract infections in Northwestern Libya Abubaker A. Abujnah, Abdulaziz Zorgani, Mohamed A.M. Sabri, Hanan El-Mohammady, Rania A. Khalek, Khalifa S. Ghenghesh
Prevalence of hemoglobin variants in a diabetic population at high risk of hemoglobinopathies and optimization of HbA1c monitoring by incorporating HPLC in the laboratory workup Kahena Bouzid, Habib B. Ahmed, Eya Kalai, Salma Blibeche, Nathalie Couque, Karima Khian, Afef Bahlous, Jaouida Abdelmoula
Prevalence of antibacterial resistant bacterial contaminants from mobile phones of hospital inpatients B. Vinod Kumar, Yahya Hasan Hobani, Ahmed Abdulhaq, Ahmed Ali Jerah, Othman M. Hakami, Magdeldin Eltigani, Anil K. Bidwai
Identification of multidrug-resistant bacteria and Bacillus cereus from healthcare workers and environmental surfaces in a hospital Mostafa Mohamed Mohamed Ali, Alkhansa Hamed Aburowes, Abdulla Moftah Albakush, Moftah Mohamed Rzeg, Amna Alrtail, Khalifa Sifaw Ghenghesh
Association of ABO blood groups with diabetes mellitus Muhammad Kamil, Hamid Ali Nagi Al-Jamal, Narazah M. Yosuff
A 37-year-old patient presenting with pneumaturia: a case study Anuj Mishra, Mohamed Azzabi, Mohamed Hamadto, Seeraj Bugren, Wael Hresha, Saleh Addalla, Ehtuish F. Ehtuish
Encrusted and incarcerated urinary bladder catheter: what are the options? Christopher C.K. Ho, Yugasaravanan Khandasamy, Praveen Singam, Eng Hong Goh, Zulkifli M. Zainuddin
Genotoxic effect induced by hydrogen peroxide in human hepatoma cells using comet assay Ghazalla M. Benhusein, Elaine Mutch, Suher Aburawi, Faith M. Williams
Right abdominal mass: keep an open mind Anuj Mishra, Mohamed Azzabi, Mohamed Hamadto, Jahnavi Mishra, Seeraj Bugren, Wael Hresha, Saleh Addalla, Ehtuish F. Ehtuish


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